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2015 Execupay User Conference & Film Festival
Posted by Logan Cashwell on 19 Aug 15 02:38 pm


Execupay 2015 User Conference

Execupay is coming to the Silver Screen! Please join us for the premiere of this year’s Execupay Film Festival 2015 User Conference, starring our amazing products and services. We hope to see you in the audience and, who knows, maybe you’ll even receive an Oscar! 


When? Where?


November 12-14, 2015
Éilan Hotel & Spa
18603 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78256




Make your hotel reservations today by clicking the link below:
Éilan Hotel & Spa Reservations

Or by calling the Éilan Hotel Resort & Spa at 201.598.2900, and don’t forget to mention that you are attending the Execupay User Conference to receive our discounted room rate.

Hotel deadline is Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Room rate: $169.00
Sign up now with the links below:



Sign up now with the link below. 



See you there!




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UPDATE: Platinumpay / PlatinumHR Shutdown
Posted by Logan Cashwell on 14 Aug 15 11:06 am

Dear Licensees,


We have taken an inconvenient, yet proactive measure this morning in shutting down client access to Platinumpay and PlatinumHR.

We have taken this action due to two security events which were detected, affecting a total of two individual employers at different licensees who’s clients utilize the Platinumpay/PlatinumHR platforms.  In our case, we have shut down access for Replicated and OnDemand licensees, as well as Execupay’s own client facing systems.  We also encourage Self-Hosted licensees to take measures to ensure that their clients are safe as well.


What do you need to know?

What exactly happened?

  • First - Execupay’s Security systems are intact and have not been compromised in any way.
    • This has been exhaustively verified by both our internal and external security teams.
  • The two events involved a client’s username/password being compromised at their local workstation.  The timeframe surrounding the events are the 7th and 10th of August.  We believe that a group may be targeting end users of our products, which is why we have chosen to take the systems offline.
    • The events both involved an unauthorized login using the compromised username and password from individual client employees.  This was limited to two login IDs.
    • Once logged in, the unauthorized user modified DD routing and account information re-directing funds to alternate accounts.


What is Execupay doing about this?

  • One event did not constitute a global emergency.  Two events leads us to believe that an external group may be targeting users of the Platinumpay/PlatinumHR products.
    • Within minutes of becoming aware of the second event, we decided to take the initiative to shut down all access to these systems.  We understand the extreme inconvenience that this causes, but also understand that you will appreciate the proactive approach we have chosen to take.
    • We are Currently in the process of manually resetting all login names and passwords for all licensee clients, globally.
    • We are currently in the process of scanning all hosted replicated databases for unusual changes to employee account/routing information.




Q:  Why wasn’t this detected sooner?

A:  Client login credentials were used to login to the system normally.  For all intents and purposes, the login looked just like everyday use by a client.  Until the normal payroll cycle proceeded and improper deposits were detected, the changes were not noticed by the licensees or clients involved.


Q:  When will the passwords be re-set and ready for us to distribute to our clients?

A:  We should have the new credentials out to you early this afternoon (8/14)


Q:  When will the Platinumpay and PlatinumHR systems become accessible to our clients?

A:  Once the password reset process is completed, the systems will be restored to service.  This will take place prior to you receiving your new client login/passwords, so as soon as your client receives their new password they should be able to log right in.


Q:  What can I do to tell if my clients account or routing numbers have been changed?

A:  Execupay’s Development and Database Administration Teams are current scanning all replicated databases for unusual repeated instances of routing/account numbers which fit the profile of these two events.  This will likely be much faster than going through each client manually, which we still would encourage you to do.  Should unusual data be detected, you will be notified by support immediately.  We will also be providing additional reporting options to assist with this.


Q:  What is Execupay doing to enhance security even further?

A:  Although we cannot prevent a client from sharing, or ‘accidentally’ sharing a username or password, we are currently looking at options to implement two-factor authentication for Platinumpay/PlatinumHR, much like what is now done within PlatinumPay Xpress.  This may be in the form of security questions and answers, or may be in the form of an RSA style token authentication methodology.  More on this will be relayed in future emails.


Q:  What can we do to prevent this from happening to our clients?

A:  Although we enforce password resets, what we cannot enforce is the security used on a client’s computer, or how they store their login and password information.  The most likely answer to how the credentials were compromised will be that a virus or keylogger was employed at the customers’ workstation.  Providing general guidance to them regarding computer security best practices could assist in preventing future incidents.  Also, training in ‘social engineering’ could be helpful which essentially trains the client to know that you, their payroll provider would never ask them for username or password related information and that if someone does so, to contact you directly and immediately.



Again, thank you for your patience as we get through this together.  Security is always at the forefront of our minds.


Best regards,

Logan Cashwell

Execupay Information Services Director




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Execupay Hosted Platinum Pay
Posted by Danny Curtis on 14 Aug 15 10:00 am


Execupay Hosted Platinum Pay servers have been temporarily taken offline, so your Platinum Pay clients will be unable to login.

We are gathering more details and will send a separate news update shortly.

We apologize for the disruption to you and your clients.


Execupay Support

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RESOLVED: Execupay Hosted Service Disruption
Posted by Logan Cashwell on 14 Jul 15 03:24 pm

The work conducted during this brief outage has assisted us in correcting the issue causing slow processing for some licensees today.  Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the issue.

Effective 5pm Central, all client facing services should be online.




In an effort to correct the problems experienced by Licensees utilizing our hosted services today, we will be bringing a handful of servers offline for thirty minutes beginning at 3:25pm Central.

Impact:  Clients attaching to replicated database servers.


An update will be out shortly regarding bringing these systems back online.


Our apologies for this disruption.




Logan Cashwell

Information Services Director

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On Demand and Replicated Slowness and Performance
Posted by Danny Curtis on 14 Jul 15 11:40 am

We are currently experiencing issues with speed and performance for On Demand and Replicated offices.

Our Network and Development teams are actively researching the issue.


Execupay Support

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