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UPDATE #2: Potential CAF Plan Calculation Issue (The Utility is Ready)
Posted by Logan Cashwell on 22 Jan 16 05:18 pm

We have completed the creation of a specialized utility to assist in identifying circumstances where CAF taxable amounts are incorrect.


This program will recalculate Withholding, FICA and Unemployment Taxable Wages for all checks in the check date range specified.  This is for informational purposes and does not affect live data.

It has been found that beyond the issue we are searching for, that human error is also brought to light.  (e.g., if an employee was erroneously marked ‘exempt’, then un-marked and left without correction)

The tool will list any discrepancies between the new calculation and what is currently on the check.

It will display:

  • The check information
  • The type of tax in question
  • The current and calculated amounts.

Research will then need to be conducted as to the circumstances of any identified discrepancies and decisions made regarding the course of correction required to address the identified issue.

It will take some time to run so plan to do small ranges or run the utility after-hours.


On-Site & Replicated Licensees:

  1. Download the file “” from the Download Center.
  2. Extract the compressed files to a location of your choosing on a PC that has Execupay installed on it.
  3. Within the extracted folder, locate, and double-click on the executable “CalculateTaxablesV1.exe”.
  4. Enter the check date range to search and click the “Check Taxables” button.
  5. Print the finished list using the “Print” button and carry out any necessary research and remediation required.

On-Demand Licensees:

  1. Locate the new “Taxable Wages Calculator” shortcut on your desktop and double-click to execute.
    1. We are uploading the required files this evening. Once the icon appears, you are ready to use the application.
  2. Enter the check date range to search and click the “Check Taxables” button.
  3. Print the finished list using the “Print” button and carry out any necessary research and remediation required.




From: Support
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2016 2:06 PM
Subject: UPDATE: Potential CAF Plan Calculation Issue

We have been working to identify the potential issue with the CAF Plan deduction category. We have identified an anomaly where CAF taxable amounts can be off, but so far in the databases we have searched we have found 9 checks with this issue out of nearly 2 million scanned for 2015, which is a rate less than 0.0006% . The issues themselves are very elusive, and appear to be related to a pattern of activities taking place during the processing of the payroll.

While we continue to try to find the issue by trying to replicate the scenario using licensees’ databases, we are coming up with a temporary fix that will be a utility that can be run to help identify and fix found issues, if any. Our goal is to have this utility released by Wednesday.




From: Support
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2016 6:12 PM
Subject: Potential CAF Plan Calculation Issue


We have identified a potential issue with CAF plans not calculating correctly in very isolated situations.  4 - 5 Licensees have reported this, and we are validating the issue at this time.

We suggest holding off on submitting 941 files.  We will have more information for you by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.



Logan Cashwell

IT & Development Director

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UPDATE #6: 2016 QE/YE Processing (2015.4.5856 Available Now!)
Posted by Logan Cashwell on 08 Jan 16 05:32 pm


We received several complaints of users not receiving the below news udpate last night, so we are re-posting it.


Execupay Support


From: Support
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 8:34 PM
Subject: UPDATE #6: 2016 QE/YE Processing (2015.4.5856 Available Now!)

All - Looks like we've got ourselves a winner (PowerBall winner TBD)!  2015.4.5856 is now available in The Download Center.

OnDemands - we will begin installing tonight from the largest Hosted Licensees down.  This is simply a numbers game, as they have the most clients to get through, they are priority.  Should you open Execupay on the 14th and not be on 5856, let us know if you have time during the day for your update.

My apologies for the long road to this release.  We're all in the same boat on this one, and our Ops Team is just as anxious as you are to get the W2s pushed through those printers.





From: Support
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 4:25 PM
Subject: UPDATE #5: 2016 QE/YE Processing (Coming soon!)


So, there seems to have been some confusion on the team regarding time zones, and promised delivery of software (we won't name names).  This has been corrected from Taiwan to San Antonio, and we hope to have the release out to you in the next few hours.

Tests have gone very well:

  • 2300 EE Pressure Seal W2s were created in just over an hour for a large test client.
    • File size on disk = ~4mb vs. ~900mb previously
  • General performance improvement was noted by the testing team, beyond QE/YE procedures.


We did, however encounter an error which required correction, which is why our delivery is behind schedule.  We certainly hope that this is the last delay, unless, of course it is PowerBall related, which just can't be helped.


Thank you again for your patience.



From: Support
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 10:00 PM
Subject: UPDATE #4: 2016 QE/YE Processing (The Fix is in!)


After many, many iterations of this fix, our development team has come up with a solution that addresses both creation time and disk space for the W2 creation and printing process.

After some additional testing in the morning, our plan is to release by mid-day.

We strongly recommend holding off on creation of W2s until this release is available.

We would appreciate it if all Replicated licensees who have not yet created W2s would hold off until this release is available in order to assist in ensuring that undue stress is not put on our hosted services disk arrays.


Thank you.



From: Support
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 4:02 PM
Subject: UPDATE #3: 2016 QE/YE Processing (W2 Disk Space Requirements)

For those hosting their own Database Servers, please be aware of available disk space as you begin to create W2s.   

At this time please be aware that each W2 is currently sizing at ~372kb vs. last year which was at ~85kb.  

We are working to address the size of the created W2 PDF files, and hope to have a new release in the next two days which both reduce the time to create, as well as the file size. 

*** Running out of disk space could cause database corruption and should be avoided if at all possible.  

*** Please take the time to evaluate available space on your server prior to creating W2s.



From: Support
Sent: Saturday, January 9, 2016 10:28 AM
Subject: UPDATE #2: 2016 QE/YE Processing Patch (database update = yes)

There has been some confusion regarding the applications request to conduct the Major Database Update.

  1. Please allow this update to take place by selecting "Yes" to the update request.
  2. Later, if an "Incompatible Database" message is presented, simply acknowledge the notice and continue on.  Your non-QE/YE workstations will also begin to receive this message until all versions come into sync with the next official release.

Reminder: These files should only be utilized for QE/YE Processing and have not been tested or approved for general use.



From: Support
Sent: Friday, January 8, 2016 10:21 PM
Subject: UPDATED: 2016 QE/YE Processing Patch (files now available)

The QE/YE Processing Patch files are now available in our download center.

  • Please download the compressed file (QE-YE 2016 and extract the files on the computer or server that will be used for QE/YE Processing.
    • Please verify available disk space - once extracted this fileset expands to ~800MB.
  • Once extracted into the location of your choosing, simply double-click on the Execupay.exe file contained within the folder and log in normally to Execupay.

Please take a moment to review our previous message below for additional details regarding this patch.  Keep in mind that these files should only be utilized for QE/YE Processing and have not been tested or approved for general use.



From: Support
Sent: Friday, January 8, 2016 5:37 PM
Subject: 2016 QE/YE Processing Patch

We understand many licensees are having trouble with memory errors while creating and printing QE/YE and plan to print this weekend.   Our team has been working tirelessly through this and though we have not completely fixed it we have greatly improved it.


We will be releasing a version tonight that will have this improved QE/YE process.  However, this is a release version that is ONLY for QE/YE.  Do not process anything else or run any other reports using this version, as we have not testing anything but the QE/YE process.


This release will be a ZIP file you will download and unzip on the desktop your PC and run the Execupay.exe file from within the extracted folder.  The email will have more thorough instructions.


Execupay Hosted

If you are Execupay OnDemand, with a server hosted by Execupay and are experiencing difficulties with memory errors, please email our IT Director, Logan Cashwell directly to have the files scheduled to be loaded onto your server as quickly as possible:


Is it Needed?

Many current licensees have already processed their QE/YE without any issues.  If you do not need patches for the following and have processed QE/YE OK then you do not need this update.

  • 1099 Character limit issue on recipient name field
  • 2016 Oregon WH Tax Tables
  • 2015 FUI Catch Up/credit reduction for CT, CA, OH
  • 943/944 forms not available

Process in Groups

As we said, this version is only improved.  In our tests 80% of the runs finished 100% fine, the 20% that did not had the same erratic memory issue.  If you still have this memory issue, you will need to break your creation and print runs into groups.  For our service bureau we did groups of 80 companies at a time to complete it.  I have heard of people doing groups as small as 50.  The more complex the clients, meaning the more employees or more states will require smaller groups.


Best Hardware

This is a memory issue, so computers with more memory have higher tolerances.  We had significant better success with computers with 16GB of ram vs others.  So choose your PC with the most RAM.  If you are on a virtual machine with a host provider, ask your host provider to temporarily increase your RAM.  If you are an OnDemand licensee, and have experienced the memory issue, we will temporarily increase available memory at the time you request the files to be added to your server.


Report Selection

When beginning the QE/YE process, make sure that in your report selection, you do not select ER Copy or EE W2’s for creation.  This should be done in a separate process, in hopes that it will minimize the use of memory while creating the rest of the reports.

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Year end update issues
Posted by Danny Curtis on 07 Jan 16 11:10 am


We have become aware of the following issues with our current software update, v. 2015.4.5833:

- W2/W3 processing causing system out of memory errors

- 1099 Character limit issue on recipient name field

- 2016 Oregon WH Tax Tables (Fix available)

- 2015 FUI Catch Up/credit reduction for CT, CA, OH (Fix available)

- 943/944 forms not available (Fix available)

Our Programming team is working hard on trying to resolve these issues and provide an update. In the meantime, please contact Support if you need help applying a fix where possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

Execupay Support

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New Year's Greetings from Execupay!
Posted by Logan Cashwell on 05 Jan 16 02:36 pm



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UPDATE: 944 Printing Error (workaround provided)
Posted by Logan Cashwell on 04 Jan 16 11:18 am

All OnDemand Hosted Servers were successfully updated overnight with the corrective file (01/04-05).

Should you have any continued difficulties in generating the 944, please contact your Software Support Team.




It has come to our attention that an error is occuring when printing 944s.

We have identified the problem and have corrected the issue for the next release which will also contain what we hope are the last YEND updates.

The issue is contained within a single report related to the 944 and can be manually updated in the interrum.  The updated file must be replace on all workstations and/or servers being used for the YEND process.


OnDemand Licensees:

We will be updating all OnDemand servers with the fix this evening (01/04/2016).

  • If you would like this to take place during the workday today, please let your support team know.  
    • The update does require all users to be logged out of Execupay when the patch is applied


OnSite and Replicated Workaround:

All users must be logged out of Execupay when the patch is applied (only YEND processing workstations and/or servers require the new file):

  • For OnSite (self hosted) licensees, please download the following file (  ) and replace the existing file within the current release folder on the workstation or server where YEND processing is taking place (2015.4.5833):
    • c:\Program Files (x86)\Execupay\Payroll Suite 2015.X.XXXX\EPForms\FD_944_2015_PG2\FD_944_2015_PG2.repx


As always, if you have questions, please contact your Support Team.





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